Become a Certified ALIVE Instructor

An Internationally Recognized Active Shooter Survival Certification Program Designed To Help Safety Professionals Save More Lives (And Earn Extra Income)

Active shooter incidents are becoming increasingly commonplace in the news today. In too many cases, the attackers can inflict mass injury and casualty upon the innocent public before they can be stopped.

If you are an HR, Risk, or Security and Safety-industry professional with prior training experience, the ALIVE Active Shooter Survival Training Instructor Certification Program is a great way to elevate your knowledge of active shooting incidents while also learning how to help others enjoy enhanced safety in both public and private locations.

Becoming a certified ALIVE Active Shooter Survival Instructor also provides safety-minded professionals another income revenue stream. Whether assigned clients from ALIVE headquarters or securing your own course participants, offering this type of training is one way to supplement your income while providing others life-saving instruction.

A 2-Day, 3-Module Instructor Certification Course

The ALIVE Active Shooter Survival Training Instructor Certification Program is a 2-day course that takes place at ALIVE headquarters in Southern California.

Additionally, it includes 3 modules, each one designed to provide future instructors the knowledge and skills required to effectively present the ALIVE Active Shooter Survival Training Program.

Module A: 3-Hour, In-Person Training

During this segment of the training, students will learn historical information about active shooter incidents, as well as post-event consequences while at ALIVE headquarters. Through a presentation of a variety of active shooter statistics, case studies, and assailant profiles, students will better understand why the ALIVE Active Shooter Survival steps are an effective response, as well as how to apply them to various incidents to reinforce a greater chance of survival.

Module B: Scenarios and Simulations

During Module B, future ALIVE Certified Instructors will gain firsthand, hands-on experience using proven disarm and attack techniques that, when implemented appropriately, can shift an active shooting incident in their favor. This includes practicing tactics such as leaving the area of danger, barricading entrance routes, finding cover, impeding the attacker, and using violence if it becomes necessary.

Module C: Online Course

The third module of the ALIVE Active Shooter Survival Training Program is an online course created by ALIVE founder, Michael Julian. This course takes approximately three hours to complete and provides similar information presented in Module A, enabling students anytime access to the content necessary to present a complete and comprehensive ALIVE Active Shooter Training program.

Upon completion of the training, Certified ALIVE Instructors are included in the ALIVE Online Course Affiliate Program where they earn a commission for every person who enrolls.