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The EAGL Gunshot Detection & Lockdown System’s notification features allows for rapid incident response while minimizing negative impacts to critical infrastructure! The EAGL System can also perform remote monitoring using IoT LTE technology for oil and gas industry applications. Other industry segments deploying the EAGL System would also benefit by having an additional cost-effective layer of security for areas requiring substantial security coverage.

SITREP Security Solutions

SITREP Security Solutions is a security services provider in Bakersfield, California. Established in 2018, SITREP takes a new proactive approach in the security industry by providing detailed and unique security services to each of their clients. There are no cookie cutter builds here but rather a contoured service plan that helps keep our client’s mind at ease allowing them to focus on business success.

American Sentinel

American Sentinel is founded on the principles of truth, honor, and integrity. The sentinel is a watchman, a guardian, and soldier whose discipline and mindful eye keep those they protect safe. We live these values and use it to guide us through our work.


NG Investigations, Inc. is a full-service Private Investigation Agency that specializes in moderate to high threat investigations and surveillance/counter-surveillance; executive protection; threat/risk assessments; child/adult hostage rescue and anti-kidnap and recovery services; maritime security operations and a fully-operational SCUBA dive team for searches, locates, evidence recovery, maritime accidents and location of lost items in a water environment.


Praesidium Risk and Resilience (PRR) is a 100% Australian owned and independent organization bringing deep expertise, innovation and excellence to security, safety and risk-related services. We possess in excess of 130 years combined security and risk mitigation experience amongst our Senior ranks and have partnered with a broad cross-section of Government, Corporate and Private organization both domestically and abroad. PRR is a dynamic and agile firm and we possess service capabilities outside those of conventional providers.


Empire Protection is an executive provider of Elite Protection, Risk Management and Security Services. Based in Australia, and with an intimate knowledge of the market both nationally and internationally, Empire Protection is proud to offer its exceptional services to discerning clients globally.

In an unpredictable world environment, with increasing domestic crime statistics and an elevated threat of terrorism, the 21st century has brought with it a demand for a new class of security, protection and risk mitigation service provision.

Sentri Institute Inc

Your Complete Security Solution: Firearms Training, Physical Security & Surveillance: Sentri Institute Inc. was founded under three core beliefs. First, to provide effective defensive firearms training to anyone willing to learn. Second, to educate the public on proper firearms etiquette and tackle the negative stereotypes in an effort to bring communities together. Lastly, to reinforce the safety of our communities with the implementation of modern surveillance technology and boots on the ground.

Investigative Courses

Since 2012, Associates in Forensic Investigations has provided core and advanced legal investigation on-demand distance learning to professional investigators.

Investigation Education Consultants (IEC)

Investigation Education Consultants (IEC) is proud to announce the creation of our Online Investigation Training (OIT) website. The website has been a goal of IEC Founder & CEO Rory J McMahon to offer quality training to those interested in the Investigative Profession and those that work in the field seeking additional training to enhance their skills. Presently the website contains of nine classes created and taught by Mr. McMahon and Tom Bailey in a video lecture format, supplemented by PDF’s of his PowerPoints slides, as well as digital copies of his books.