KSWB 2 19 18 Active Shooter 7am

Michael Julian talks about staying ALIVE in KSWB. https://fox5sandiego.com/

Active Shooter Survival Is Not A Joke, And In The World We Live In Must Be Taken Very Seriously. We Are Here To Serve You And Give You The Tools & Knowledge You Need To Survive If The Unthinkable Happens, But You Must Take Survival Into Your Own Hands. If You Don’t Think You’re Prepared To Do That, Call Us Immediately. We Are Here For You: – 833-99-ALIVE – 833-99-15483

Join us for an in-person training: https://activeshootersurvivaltraining.com/in-person-alive/

Take the online course (use coupon code PODCAST25):https://activeshootersurvivaltraining.com/online-active-shooter-training-courses/

Become a Certified ALIVE Instructor: https://activeshootersurvivaltraining.com/become-an-alive-instructor/

Read the book, 10 Minutes To Live: https://activeshootersurvivaltraining.com/product/10-minutes-live-surviving-an-active-shooter-using-alive-book/


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