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10 Minutes To Live: Surviving an Active Shooter Using A.L.I.V.E.

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Active shooter mass killings have become a horrible reality in our society and no place is immune to them.

In his book, Michael Julian, CPI, PPS, CSP shares how essential the appropriate actions you take in the first ten minutes of an active shooting can be for your survival. How every second counts to stay A.L.I.V.E.

Julian’s survival guide provides simple tools to help you in the event you find yourself in this type of scenario. He teaches you how to prepare yourself using a security mindset, and fight through your fear with a survival mindset so you can evaluate your situation and react appropriately.



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21 reviews for 10 Minutes To Live: Surviving an Active Shooter Using A.L.I.V.E.

  1. B.G.

    The Most Important Survival Book You Will Ever Read

    When you think of the most important things in the world, what pops up? Family, friends, loved ones? If you’re like me, the people in your life are the most important thing. And, if you’re like me, you’ll do anything you can to protect them, make sure they’re safe, and do you best to keep yourself out of harm for their sake. In order to do that, you need training, and I cannot possibly give a higher recommendation for survival training than this book.

    What makes it so much different than anything else out there is our grand instructor, Michael Julian. He is the kind of guy that not only commands such deep respect because of his own history and actions, but when you open yourself up to his teachings, you’ll find yourself improving extremely quickly. He doesn’t JUST teach the technical skills (which he does) or the specific steps to take in a survival situation (which he also does), but he captures the essence of the survival mindset so that YOU can think for yourself above and beyond and hypothetical. He gives you the fish AND teaches you how to fish at the same time, and that’s a rarity.

    I’m deeply grateful for everything that this book and the legend of a man behind it has taught me. I’ve passed along the information I’ve learned to every single family member that I know of (and that’s a LOT of people). I wish I didn’t have to, and that people were better than this. But unfortunately, the reality is that they’re not, and we MUST be prepared to do what it takes to protect ourselves and our families in case of an emergency survival situation.

    Do yourself a favor. Stop reading this review and purchase this book IMMEDIATELY. You never know when you’re going to need this information. Do NOT wait any longer. It could literally be the difference between life and death.

  2. M.M.

    Great information
    I found the book very helpful. It helps change the mindset to that of living through it rather then hoping not to die.

  3. J.

    Active Shooter Training
    Good training for Active Shooter Scenarios.

  4. N.G./N.I.

    Worth every page.
    This book is a must read for everyone. Extremely well written and clear concepts to understand and learn, Mr. Julian has done an amazing job explaining and teaching a subject that is sad and scary. The reader will gain special insights and techniques to help them survive an active killer event.

  5. D.D.

    10 Min To Live
    Great information.

  6. Amazon Customer

    Outstanding Instructional Read
    I completed my reading of Mr. Julian’s’ book “10 Minutes To Live” and I have to say this is one of the most concise and professional books I have read on active shooter survival. The book is excellent and straight to the point on ways for the individual to take action and provide for their own safety and survival. The book provides intricate information through the “ALIVE” presentation in an easy to remember format and adds more tools to the toolbox to survive an active shooter event. With the threat of active shooters becoming more pervasive each day across the United States, every piece of information that can be gained should be explored to prepare. The first book they should look at is the “10 Minutes To Live” book and place those ideas into action. This book has become an integral reference manual for my research on the subject of active shooter survival and it should be a part of any active shooter survival specialists library looking for accurate and applicable information. I highly recommend this book to everyone.

  7. Amazon Customer

    I hope I never need to act on the tips in this book, but I learned a lot from it
    Sadly, I purchased this book the day before yet another mass shooting at a public school unfolded. Mr. Julian has laid out a straight forward and practical method for surviving. I can already see from reading this book and the news reports, who more lives could have been saved had the victims practiced what this author lays out here. I plan on carrying this book with me on vacations, business trips and to large gatherings. It might help me see the that one extra thing that makes me s survivor instead of a statistic.

  8. Randy K.

    This is an excellent book that EVERYONE should read
    This is an excellent book that EVERYONE should read. It’s not very long but sometimes the author gets a bit redundant which can get a little tiring. Overall, this is a wealth of knowledge to prepare yourselves, just in case. We never know where terror might strike and we should know how to react to save ourselves and our loved ones.

  9. Tina Lizzie

    Gives you an edge and a plan
    This may save you life. Well written and thoughtful. Help you clearly understand what you need to do to have a chance. Read and share with your friends and co workers

  10. Kimberly M Hawkins

    Informative Book Everyone Should Read
    This book is an informative read that, unfortunately, everyone should buy and read since we live during a time when we have active shooters too often!

  11. Robert Sherwood

    Five Stars
    Everyone should read

  12. TERRY R. COX

    An outstanding, thoughtful, well presented approach to a difficult subject. The format makes for an easy read.

  13. Anonymous

    Excellent information for professionals and laymen alike
    Michael lays this information out so everyone can understand it. Straight forward and to the point. Excellent information for professionals and laymen alike. Well done my friend.

  14. Dean A. Beers

    Five Stars
    Excellent read and right on target. It is a must read for Security and Police Professionals

  15. Anonymous

    First, I know Mr. Julian well, he is a close friend and close professional colleague. Be certain – my review is unbiased, with the exception of also being from my perspective. One reason he is such a good friend, is we are on the same page – and this book confirms that. I have young grandkids and we have very direct conversations about their personal safety and bullying. How many regularly tell their kids and grandkids – no matter what, you get away alive because a bad person only wants to hurt and kill people. Some may not like that – but its effective. How many, when walking in stores, malls, playgrounds, regularly ask their kids and grandkids what they would do if someone tried to grab them? Our daughters, when in elementary school, had someone try to grab them from the bus stop (they were the only two) – their reactions saved them. The very small town we lived in (literally one traffic light) had someone try to kidnap a young girl – adults saw it and stopped it, keeping the bad guy until the SRO got there within minutes. Its real-life folks. The odds are nothing will happen – but our lives, and those of our dearest loved ones – are not ‘odds’.

    My mindset has always been as this book lays out – I wasn’t disappointed when I read this book. In fact, I was very pleased to see Mr. Julian put in his book exactly what he tells you in person. Direct and important – all feelings aside, you need to hear and read what he has to say. As a legal investigator for over 30 years, including several years at two local medical examiners’ offices, and our continued work in death investigations – we see what happens. The evil that people will do to themselves and each other is never a surprise – its a dark reality.

    The best thing every person – every family, business, school, etc. – can do is Be Prepared (Boy Scouts) and Improvise, Adapt, Overcome (US Marines) – Mr. Julian lays it out very strong and very simple for every person to stay ALIVE – Assess, Leave, Impede, Violence, Expose. No one is too young or old, strong or weak, to follow this. No special training – just a very strong mindset. Every school administrator, teacher, student, and parent should have this book as required reading at every grade.

    Chris Story

  16. Randy Ontiveros

    Security professionals and others – Read and share this book. It could help save lives!
    just read Michael Julian, CPI PPS CSP’s book “10 Minutes To Live”. I’m a voracious reader, often reading 3-4 books at a time. At the same time I am discerning. If the back cover or first few pages don’t make me want to continue. I move on fairly quickly. As a security, professional, I have a critical eye for fluff and conjecture.

    With this book that was not the case. After the first chapter, I reached out to several colleagues and friends and recommended it. I also recommended Michael be a guest interview on a popular survival mindset podcast. This book is well written, well researched, cited and yet easy to read and comprehend. It isn’t a stale scholastic book on concept. It is an educational, read and apply NOW manual for thinking through and surviving an active shooter event. His approach goes beyond the accepted “Run, Hide, Fight” and walks the reader through a mindset approach to surviving mass killing events. Regardless of background or experience, the author’s simple and direct approach speaks volumes to the reader. The book is a must read for security professionals and loved ones alike. It does well to help explain why and how mentally preparing now, is simple survivability insurance in both corporate and personal settings. Well done! I look forward to more.

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  17. Carl.Scala

    Excellent reading, very helpful and I would recommend to
    I met the author, Michael, at an Investigators conference this morning and bought his book.

    Excellent reading, very helpful and I would recommend to anyone who has thought “What would I do if a shooter appeared out of nowhere?”

    A box of rocks on each students desk is not a solution. Read Michael’s to find a better way.

  18. Richard Marruffo

    Great information geared towards surviving a active shooter/ active threat situation.
    A very good read in explaining how to survive an active shooter/ active threat situation for the novice. Having years of experience from the military, law enforcement and now Executive Protection. Mr. Julian breakes down the information in a very easy way so that it may open the readers eyes to be more situationally aware. With all of past decades of mass threat incidents, I highly recommend this book. It may just save your life.

  19. Cynthia C.

    Great book!!!
    Great book. Very well written and easy to read. Fantastic information and really hits home. I also highly recommend the Surviving an Active Shooter course taught by Mr. Julian!

  20. James Hamilton – Gavin de Becker’s VP

    Well written & concise. I would recommend to anyone interested in learning more about this topic.

  21. Anonymous

    Do not sub-contract your own security
    Excellent read on action to take to survive an Active Shooter situation.

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