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10 Minutes To Live: Surviving an Active Shooter Using A.L.I.V.E.®

10 Minutes To Live: Surviving an Active Shooter Using A.L.I.V.E.®


Active shooter mass killings have become a horrible reality in our society and no place is immune to them.

In this book, Michael Julian, CPI, PPS, CSP shares how essential the appropriate actions you take in the first ten minutes of an active shooting can be for your survival. How every second counts to stay A.L.I.V.E.

Julian provides simple tools to help you in the event you find yourself in this type of scenario. He teaches you how to prepare yourself using a security mindset, and fight through your fear with a survival mindset so you can evaluate your situation and react appropriately.

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Specifically, Julian shows you how to:

  • Become more aware of your surroundings,
  • Prepare for such an event by being “proactively reactionary”,
  • Evaluate an active shooter situation more quickly and efficiently,
  • Decide and take the best action necessary for your survival,
  • Dominate the attacker, if necessary, using a kill or be killed mentality,
  • Navigate the chaos that comes after the event, and
  • Train family, friends, and coworkers how to do the same.

Julian’s insight helps you prepare for the worst. This alone could be the difference between life and death in the face of a horrific experience.

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Loss Prevention / Security Practitioner

10 Minutes To Live, is chock full of small bits of intense but necessary information that everyone must know to survive an active shooter situation. Michael Julian has packed this small easy to read book with common sense and practical approaches on how to stay ALIVE! In today's world this knowledge is not an option it is absolutely essential !

A must read for safety/security professionals

There is so much information in Ten minutes to live, the message is impactful and important. I'd recommend this book to everyone, its alarming, but empowering.

Valuable Information To Save Lives

The information contained within this book will help save peoples lives. It is a simple process to follow and might be alarming to some people but the bottom line is that if you want to stay alive and other options such as hiding fail you may have to use violence against the aggressor to save your life and the lives of others. I am a 30 year security veteran and recommend the contents of this book to help keep you alive. We all practice defensive driving and many seek CPR certification "in case we need it" But in today's difficult environment we must also be prepared and trained for the possibility of an active killer. The book can save your life and the training seminar is amazing as well. This may very well be the most useful book you will ever read!

Unmatched insight, practical, and critical for survival

Unfortunately, most people wouldn't know what to do if they found themselves in an active shooter crisis. Of the very select few who do, almost none take the time to share that information with others. Of those scarce folk, most can't teach it and definitely don't give people the crucial knowledge in the succinct, hyper effective package that they need to save their own lives. That's the bad news.

The good news? Michael Julian. He brings decades of experience in the security, protection, and investigation industries to the table, mixed with years of study on the subject, and an unmatched passion for teaching people how to survive. I am honored to know such a great man, and if you ever get the chance to learn from him - in ANY capacity - do it immediately. His knowledge will save your life if you ever find yourself in such a dire situation as an active shooter event, and you have a moral obligation to yourself and your family to learn what Michael teaches.

Do not think. Do not wait. Invest in your safety and protection before the unthinkable happens to you or your family. You can always make more money once you've invested it, but you can never get your life or the lives of your children, parents, and other loved ones back once they are taken from you.

Act now - you never know what will happen.


I recommend everyone to read this book, easy to read and understand! It can actually save your life..