Surviving Crowds 2017 Holidays Season

The past year has brought the nation’s deadliest mass shootings by active shooters targeting the busiest places. With the growing list of killings occurring in a variety of settings from schools, retail locations, event venues, and now churches you should take special care when this holiday season.

Whether traveling or waiting in crowded checkout lines I would like to offer you some safety tips to help keep you safer.

Here Are Some Tips In Surviving Crowds 2017 Holidays Season

BE ALERT- Pull your head out of your smartphone!

As Americans, we are missing the world around us. Head down decreases your ability to be alert and minimizes your preparedness.

Make eye contact with those around you. Be vigilant. Be situationally aware!

When traveling to a new place, familiarize yourself with the area. Wherever you are, know your exits, have multiple escape routes. Think ahead, if traveling with a group plan a destination to meet in case you get separated amidst chaos.

See something, Say something

Finally, the most important. If you see something or someone unsettling, speak it. Alert the store security or local officials if you see something that doesn’t feel right. We are given an intuition for a reason, use it.

You cannot always stop bad things from happening, but you can be prepared when they do.

Learn more about ALIVE Active Shooter Survival Program.

Connect with us and let’s stay ALIVE.

From myself and our entire security staff here at MPS Security & Protection, we wish you a safe, and happy holiday season!


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