Fox News Turns to A.L.I.V.E Experts for Input Surrounding the Uvalde, TX Mass School Shooting

On May 24, 2022, 19 students and two teachers from Robb Elementary in Uvalde, Texas, were killed in a mass shooting that took place on school grounds. Since that date, people everywhere are trying to understand exactly what happened that resulted in such a massive loss of life.

One of the questions being repeatedly asked is why it took so long for law enforcement to enter the school and stop the incident, potentially saving lives. Recently, Fox News turned to A.L.I.V.E Active Shooter Survival Training creator Michael Julian and MPS President Colin Schmitt for answers.

A.L.I.V.E. Creator Michael Julian Shares Insight on Jesse Watters Primetime

In an interview with Jesse Watters, Michael shared some of the actions that slowed law enforcement response at Robb Elementary. Among them were not acting immediately after learning that the suspect had shot his grandmother, as well as not immediately accessing the classroom where the shooter was barricaded versus going directly in.

This goes against active shooter response protocol, says Micheal. “You don’t set up a perimeter and wait for SWAT or anything. As soon as the second officer arrives, you go in as a team and you engage.” Because this isn’t what happened, Michael says that it suggests that the responding officers did not have up-to-date training in this area.

MPS President Colin Schmitt Shares More Input with Laura Ingraham

Fox’s Laura Ingraham spoke with MPS Security’s President, Colin Schmitt, to gain his input as well. Colin has more than 28 years of experience, recently retiring from the FBI where he spent time investigating criminal offenses.

In Colin’s interview with Laura, he explained that, while the shooting remains a fluid situation, the training he received at the FBI reinforces that “their number one responsibility, obviously, is to stop the killing and once that happens, is to stop the dying.” This requires the first officer on the scene to go in and engage the shooter immediately, only waiting for the second officer if no gunshots are heard.

The Lesson Learned from Uvalde?

While more questions than answers remain, this incident reinforces the value of everyone—no matter what their age or circumstances—engaging in active shooter survival training. A.L.I.V.E. Active Shooter Survival Training offers both online and in-person options, providing maximum flexibility.

As the program’s creator, Michael Julian, shared on his LinkedIn page, “I don’t want to advertise when these horrible events happen but EVERYONE needs to know what to do in the face of an active shooter so if you don’t want to pay for mine, take someone else’s but GET TRAINED!”


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