Training and Education


Workplace Violence & Active Shooter/Killer Recognition Signs and Reporting

  • Identify behaviors, causes, and red flags typically associated with workplace violence and active shooter/killer incidents before they occur
  • Proper reporting of signs of a potential workplace violence event

Active Shooter Survival

  • Adapting a "Security Mindset" in your corporate culture
  • Train employees to ensure they know how to effectively respond to an active shooter event through A.L.I.V.E. - 5 steps to surviving an active shooter event

Active Shooter Preparedness

  • Scenario and practical exercises at your workplace specific to each department and facility layout
  • Develop enhanced situational awareness
  • Assessment and implementation of techniques to impede and combat an active shooter

Creating and Implementing a Workplace
Violence Program

  • Building a WPV Program specific to your company and culture based on your company's actual risk and threat level
  • Communicate with managers to gain support and backing for your workplace violence prevention program
  • Implantation and training of your employees

Risk & Threat Assessment and Facility
Vulnerability Audit

  • Analyze the actual risk and threat level of your organization in its current and future landscape
  • Assess the physical, electronic and access control vulnerabilities of your facility and recommend upgrades, updates and corrections

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Being prepared is the best tool for survival for you and your employees.

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