From a Survivor

Mr. Julian,

“My name is Liz Moreno.… about three years ago you came in and gave us your A.L.I.V.E. training course… but I never in a million years thought I’d have to use it.

On October 1st I was in Las Vegas at the Route 91 Harvest Festival… when all of a sudden I heard what sounded like firecrackers… Everyone immediately got down in a big pile… in that very second… your training popped into my head. I told my boyfriend, “We need to leave!”

I truly believe taking your training is what told me to make that decision and say without a doubt that we have to run, which ultimately saved us. Had we stayed there we may have gotten shot, trampled or who knows what.

Thank you!


"We’ve had outstanding feedback on the ALIVE program from our stores, corporate, and distribution center partners".

Matt Brian Huff
Director – Loss Prevention - Boot Barn

"It’s a topic I don’t like to think about but it’s becoming more and more common in this crazy world. It’s important for me to know how to help myself or others around me in the case of an active shooter situation. Michael Julian’s ALIVE training was very eye opening. He gave me the tools to keep me more aware of my surroundings, reading body language and what reaction techniques I can use. Nobody really knows how they will react at that horrific time but I am definitely more prepared on whatever decision I chose to make and there is only three “Run, Hide or Fight”. Thank you Michael Julian & MPS Security staff. You are making the world a better place!"

Rhonda Warner
VP Operations, Murrieta Chamber of Commerce

"Thank you for a great presentation on Active Shooter Survival. Your ALIVE program was easy to remember and had extremely positive evaluations. The days following the presentation, I had several District employees comment to me on how much they learned and they felt more confident on how to react in the event of an active shooter."

Dave Morrison
Safety Risk Officer - Rancho California Municipal Water District

“Michael Julian provides a complete and educated experience packed with valuable information. The ALIVE Program can and will save your life if practiced in any home, business and large corporation. It is a dis-service to not experience this class and presentation. Stay ALIVE-save a life. Be a sheepdog.”

April Vidal
Miss April’s Dance

"The ALIVE training was impactful. It really demonstrated how vulnerable we can be if we are not prepared. I am more confident than ever that we made the right choice in selecting Michael for the ALIVE training. The knowledge we gained is priceless."

Sandra Martinez
Sr. HR Generalist, West Pak Avocado, Inc.

“Finished the accelerated ALIVE Active Shooter Survival Training course today. I’ve taken several of these types of courses and this one is my favorite, plus it’s relatively inexpensive and far superior (IMO) to the Run, Hide, Fight that so many places teach.”

Jake Johnson

“What a great course. Having been in Law Enforcement and currently in the security field - you have done a great job in putting this together. Much more informative than the normal "RUN, HIDE, FIGHT" course of instruction. I definitely would recommend your course to others.”

John Long
LongTime Solutions, Inc.

“I feel very empowered and hopeful to make it out ALIVE and, if possible, help save others! I am now considering taking self-defense classes to prepare myself and my family for an active shooting situation. Thank you very much! God Bless You!”

Hospitality Team

“Michael is clearly experienced and informed on the subject. Additionally, he is clearly very passionate about his class and that engagement helps make the class more memorable and engaging.”

John O’ Brien
Executive Assistant

“Thank you for opening my eyes to be aware. Like you said it can happen to me or anyone, anywhere. I can’t wait to go home and share my learning with my family. I knew nothing. Now I know a lot. A lot that can save my life. Thank you!”

Karina Perez
First Contact

“Before taking this training and reading the book I thought I would be the one to ‘freeze’ or ‘freak out’. Now, I believe I am better prepared and can be effective to my group. Thank you!”

Kathy Oviedo
HR Jr. Generalist

“I feel more empowered and confident that I would be prepared in the case of a mass shooter. Thank you! I feel that I will be able to use “defensive living” to help myself become increasingly confident.”

Rachel D.
Lead Therapist

“I learned so much by coming to this class. I feel much more equipped to handle a situation like this if an Active Killer event were to happen. Thank you so much for this education.”

Victoria Rausch
I.T Consultant

“The presentation was great. My CEO is interested in you coming and training staff at our organization.”

Jessica Rigdon
Program Coordinator

“This training was very helpful, and I would recommend to anyone in any profession!”

Compliance Analyst

“I feel more confident that I will be able to protect my friends and family.”

Lupeta Santarose
First Contact

“This is an empowering training. Thank you.”

Sharon K.
Program Manager

“This was amazing and educational!”

Muna Elias
Owner of Elias Shoes

"This is a great course geared toward the general public. It's Universal Knowledge that can move up and down all skill levels."

Eucene Gloudeman
Training Director

“After participating in Michael Julian’s A.L.I.V.E. Training, I truly believe my colleagues and I are more equipped to handle ourselves and any situations that may arise from an active shooter experience. While we pray it never happens to us, Michael has taught us how to think and act in such a situation so we are confident we will know what to do if we are part of the disturbing trend. I cannot sing his praises enough - if you are looking for a training that will prepare you, this is the one. Michael’s passion and dynamic presentation will have your team engaged and energized. His lessons will stick with you long after he has left the classroom.”

Paula Persson
Hyland’s Naturals

"The ALIVE Active Shooter Course is top-notch. Michael Julian delivered the course to members of our Security & Administration teams. The training was valuable and is created for real-life situations. The main takeaway is not to freeze and do something! The members left the training feeling empowered and more confident in their abilities during an active shooter event."

Laura McClain
Director of Corporate Security

“As a single mother with a busy life and business, I have lived with fears about how to stay safe and especially keep my 10 year old son safe. With me being so busy and seeing active shootings and safety issues everywhere, I always wonder if I am doing all I can. When I met Michael and took his online course, the weight of the pressure from my fears began to lift. I spent time in discussion with him, as well, and he generously gave his perspective and further expertise. What I appreciate the most about Michael is that he doesn’t hold back. I wanted everything I could have in my back pocket that may save my life and/or my son’s one day. I’m all he has and vice versa. The luxury to pretend we aren’t living in a different day in age isn’t one that I have. I appreciate you so much Michael. Your dedication to impact and save lives is unmatched. The advice and the knowledge. The fact that you are out there doing the difficult work. Making a difference. Thank you! If you are reading this thinking about whether you will benefit from any of Mr. Julian’s trainings, I am here to tell you, yes! One-hundred percent, yes you are! Don’t hesitate and reach out to him today!”

Leilani Wells

"Our church’s congregation is a “sister" church to one who recently experienced the tragedy of a church shooting. This facilitated us looking for a nationally certified professional to teach us how to deter, detect, and respond in case of an active shooter. We selected an ALIVE active shooter instructor to conduct training for 30+ children’s ministry teachers. Our instructor was very experienced, professional, utilizing real world examples, videos and answered all of our questions. In short, his presentation was just what we needed. The response was very well received and we will use ALIVE for further training for our staff. We highly recommend ALIVE".



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