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More than one in three real estate professionals (38 percent) indicate that they have experienced fear at least once during their careers according to data compiled by the National Association of REALTORS®. Additionally, the situations that tend to cause the most angst for realtors include holding open houses, showing vacant or model homes, properties that are unlocked or unsecured, and properties located in remote areas.

Despite this high prevalence of concern during what are undoubtedly common workplace occurrences for realtors, one in four (26 percent) of those surveyed further revealed that their real estate brokerage had no standard procedure for agent safety in place. Another 30 percent indicated that, if any such plan existed, they weren’t aware of it.

Realtor Safety Begins With A Plan

Because real estate agents are continuously placed in vulnerable situations—situations where, more often than not, they are alone and meeting with people they’ve either never met before or don’t know much about—enhancing personal safety and security begins with developing a plan.

Though the ALIVE Active Shooter Survival Training program was created to help individuals learn how to best respond should an active shooter situation suddenly unfold, these same basic tactics can be applied to most any violent encounter, such as those encountered by professionals in the real estate field. That’s why we are proud to offer a specialized program: ALIVE Personal Safety Training for Realtors.

ALIVE Personal Safety Training For Realtors

ALIVE stands for Assess, Leave, Impede, Violence, and Expose. When taken in this order, these five steps serve as a valuable walk-through plan for those who find themselves face-to-face with a violent encounter.

In ALIVE Personal Safety Training for Realtors, real estate professionals learn what each of these steps entail, as well as how to execute them in a way that enhances survival. They also gain the knowledge necessary to develop a higher level of situational awareness, enabling them to always be alert to what is going on around them.

During this specialized program designed to promote real estate agent safety, these professionals are also taught how to identify the warning signs commonly exhibited by individuals who may be intent on doing them harm.

Other skills real estate agents can expect to acquire and develop during ALIVE Personal Safety Training for Realtors include: how to protect themselves in typical workplace scenarios, safety tips that can help prevent an attack, survival in hostile situations, and more.

One of the best ways to reduce fear is to create a plan. ALIVE Personal Safety Training for Realtors can help real estate professionals do exactly that.