Bolo Stick Commercial Door Barricade


BOLO STICK Residential Door Barricade is easy to install and provides added security against home break-ins.

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Brand: Bolo Stick LLC.

Commercial Door Barricade Device

A Simple & Strong Door Lockdown for Schools, Churches, And Businesses

BOLO STICK is a strong, simple, safe, and affordable door barricade device. It is designed to be used in defense of human lives when the lockdown of rooms is necessary to protect against unwanted threats and armed intruders. This door barricade system is made from 1045 cold-rolled steel to provide maximum strength against unwanted room entry.

Security Bits Needed for Installation of Commercial Version Sold Separately

10 Installation Bits For Bolo Stick Barricade

2 Installation Bits For Bolo Stick Barricade

This commercial product line allows for disengagement by first responders from outside the room.

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Installation Instructions


  • One-step barricade operation
  • Endorsed by the NOCSSM (National Organization of Church Safety & Security Management)
  • Internationally recognized in Canada, United Kingdom, and Sweden
  • Made in the USA

**Installation requires the use of Security Installation Bit which is sold separately.

Barricading Doors Around The World

The Bolo Stick Security Door Stop is used in Schools, Churches, Offices, and Homes in many countries. See our growing list of clients protected with our simple and strong lockdown security device.

Bolo Stick Strength Test

While the engineering behind the Bolo Stick door barricade device is capable of resisting more than 4,200 pounds of force; it was created to prevent the unwanted room entry of Active Shooters into classrooms and offices. Bolo Stick door barricades are designed to provide an added layer of safety by creating another obstacle for a focused attacker to overcome. The time spent attempting to defeat the door barricade allows additional time for law enforcement response. Special Response Teams (SRT) were asked to utilize breaching tools such as a battering ram, halligan tool, and 12 gauge breaching rounds to gain room entry. After SEVERAL attempts and a great deal of time had elapsed, the composition of the door itself gave way.

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