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Episode 006 | The “Joker” Movie Parallels Real Life Active Shooters

Episode 006 | The “Joker” Movie Parallels Real Life Active Shooters
A.L.I.V.E. Active Shooter Survival Podcast
A.L.I.V.E. Active Shooter Survival Podcast
Episode 006 | The "Joker" Movie Parallels Real Life Active Shooters

We discuss Joker the movie as a blueprint of the same issues and lack of proper coping skills that create so many active shooters and will be copied and referenced in active shooter incidents to come.

When an active shooter/killer, such as a known or random gunman, opens fire, on average nearly a dozen injuries and at least three deaths occur. Being prepared is the best tool for survival for you and your employees.

If an unstable employee, ex-employee, or employee family member entered your workplace with a weapon, would you know what to do? This is a serious question that every safety manager, human resources, risk management professional and employee should be able to confidently answer “YES”!

No one wants to think an active shooter will enter their workplace, but the fact is it could happen anywhere and it seems to be happening with increased frequency. As in the massacre that occurred at the San Bernardino, California’s Inland Regional Center (IRC), where an employee left a holiday party and returned shortly after, killing 14 and injuring 17 others.

This is an all too familiar scenario facing our workplaces and our world. Employers can no longer subscribe to the notion that “it will never happen here,” given the frequency and severity of workplace attacks. Fortunately, we can train your employees to respond to an active shooter/killer attack that will mitigate their risk of injury and death.

You’ll learn to:

· Identify behaviors, causes, and red flags typically associated with workplace violence and active shooter/killer incidents before they occur

· Better understand the mental process of an assailant preceding and during an active shooter event

· Develop enhanced situational awareness and a survival mindset

· Survive an active shooter event using the A.L.I.V.E. Active Shooter Survival Plan

· Train employees to assure that they know how to safely respond to an active shooter event

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Active Shooter Survival Is Not A Joke, And In The World We Live In Must Be Taken Very Seriously. We Are Here To Serve You And Give You The Tools & Knowledge You Need To Survive If The Unthinkable Happens, But You Must Take Survival Into Your Own Hands.

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