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Active Shooter Preparedness Guide

How To Survive An Active Shooter Using Our ALIVE Active Shooter Plan

Learn To Protect Yourself And Others From An Active Shooter

Most active shooter survival programs teach the methodology of survival, but without a security and survival mindset, method is only mechanics and can never be as effective without the proper mindset.

Our Comprehensive EBook Includes:

  • Recognizing The Signs Of Potential Workplace Violence
  • The Profile Of An Active Killer/Shooter
  • How To Respond When An Active Shooter Is In Your Vicinity
  • The 5 Steps Of The A.L.I.V.E. Training Plan
  • Training Your Staff For An Active Shooter Situation
  • Additional Ways To Prepare For And Prevent An Active Shooter Event

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A Testimonial From An ALIVE Class Attendee Survivor

Mr. Julian,

"On October 1st I was in Las Vegas at the Route 91 Harvest Festival. Standing at the right of the stage with my boyfriend watching Jason Aldean perform and all of a sudden it sounded like firecrackers ...... then it went off again, the noise was coming from the right of us. Jason and the band ran off the stage, we turned around and two people were shot behind us, one in the face and one in the chest. Everyone immediately went forward and got down in a big pile. Right then in that very second when the third round of shots went off as I was laying there attempting to cover my neck and head with my arm believe it or not the training of yours that I had listened to years prior instantly popped into my head. I told my boyfriend “we need to run. We cannot stay here. When he stops to reload this next time I am running!” He was hesitant at first and I think he could tell that I was running either way. And so he grabbed my hand and he knew just what to do, we ran as fast as we could, stayed low, stopping and hiding while shots were fired and sprinted in between. We ran straight to the Excalibur where we were staying and I sent a text to my parents at 10:14pm from the lobby of Excalibur. That is how quickly we were out of there.

I truly believe taking that training is what told me to make that decision and say without a doubt that we have to run and ultimately saved us. Had we stayed there we may have gotten shot, had we hesitated longer then we could have been trampled or who knows what.

Anyway, I know I’m just one of many that have had your training course and I just wanted to let you know that I really think in that split second it saved us."

Thank you.



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