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ALIVE Active Shooter Survival Training Podcast Episode 007

ALIVE Active Shooter Survival Training Podcast Episode 007

In this episode we discuss of the ALIVE Active Shooter Survival Training Podcast what the “L” in ALIVE stands for – LEAVE! Former ALIVE student and Route 91 Las Vegas active shooter survivor Liz Moreno stated in her interview with Channel 7 News that she remembered the LEAVE lesson from the ALIVE training and ran out of the area of danger rather than staying on the ground in front of the stage and says that is what saved her life.


If you can LEAVE – Escape to a safe area.
Notify everyone in your area of control what you believe is happening with COMMAND PRESENCE and to get out now!

Get out and as far away from the threat as quickly as possible.
LEAVE the area of danger and don’t stop running until you are too far away to harm. If you are responsible for others (children, patients, employees, guests) usher them with commanding urgency. – Notification System

ALIVE Active Shooter Survival Training Program

ALIVE Active Shooter Survival Training Program

ALIVE Active Shooter Survival Vision, Mission & Core Values…

– Vision: Every person in the world will learn the process of the ALIVE Active Shooter Survival program through in-person or online training

– Mission: To educate every person how to survive an Active Assailant using ALIVE Active Shooter Survival

– Core Values:

Passion – We will deliver the lifesaving ALIVE information with the passion deserving of this type of knowledge

Priority – We will always put our Mission first before personal or financial gain

Promotion – We will promote our Mission to accomplish our Vision in every aspect of our personal and professional lives

Why This Training Matters…

– What you can expect.
– How it will help you survive
– Why it’s important

Overview of the ALIVE Active Shooter Survival Program…

– Assess
– Leave
– Impede
– Violence
– Expose

What to Expect Moving Forward…

– Topic of discussion for future episodes.
– Overview of what to expect in future episodes.
– The ALIVE difference
– Focus on mindset

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Active Shooter Survival Is Not A Joke, And In The World We Live In Must Be Taken Very Seriously. We Are Here To Serve You And Give You The Tools & Knowledge You Need To Survive If The Unthinkable Happens, But You Must Take Survival Into Your Own Hands.

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