Active Shooter Survival Training

This ALIVE Workshop -Taught by MPS Security-involves interactive learning and educates how to identify, mitigate and increase your chance of surviving an active shooting event. You Can't always stop bad things from happening, but you can be prepared if they do! 

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Active Shooter Survival Training


ALIVE Speaking Schedule

Date Location Availability
1/11/18 Memphis, TN Private
1/16/18 Temecula, CA Private
1/18/18 Vista, CA Private
2/14/18 Hilton Head Island, SC Private
2/20/18 Murrieta, CA Private
2/21/18 Fellows, CA Private
2/28/18 Pomona, CA Private
3/12/18 Murrieta, CA Register
4/3/18 Southeastern, WI Private
4/4/18 Murrieta, CA Register
4/18/18 Atlanta, GA Private
4/19/18 Atlanta, GA Private
4/27/18 Murrieta, CA Register
5/4/18 Tampa, FL Private
7/17/18 Baton Rouge, LA Private
7/18/18 Baton Rouge, LA Private
8/2/18 Memphis, TN Private
11/16/18 Madison, WI Private
12/5/18 San Clemente, CA Private