Active Shooter Survival Training For Governmental Employees

ALIVE Active Shooter Survival Training for Governmental Employees is designed to give our local, state, and federal lawmakers and employees the tools they need to respond effectively in active shooter incidents.

ALIVE stands for Assess, Leave, Impede, Violence, and Assess as these are the five steps that can help enhance survival should an active shooter suddenly appear. Learning how to apply each one effectively is critical to responding to a violent attack in a manner that helps protect everyone in the vicinity, from fellow employees to members of the public.

Enhancing The Protection Of Our Local, State, And Federal Lawmakers And Employees

You can’t watch or read the news nowadays without getting a clear sense that many citizens of this great country are disgruntled with its government. From disagreements as to which laws should be created (and which should be repealed) to a distrust of lawmakers themselves, there is an abundance of negativity against both governmental entities and those who work for them.

While most of these unhappy individuals stop after exercising their right to free speech, a select few decide to go one step further. They decide to back up their words with violent actions.

Active Shooting Incidents In Government Settings

Between 2000 and 2017, there were a total of 25 active shooter incidents that took place in in government settings according to FBI data. Though some of these shootings occurred at public libraries and airports, a few of the most well-remembered attacks upon governmental organizations and their staff include:

  • The March 2016 shooting at Prince George’s County Police Department District 3 Station in Landover, Maryland, that left one plainclothes officer dead, unfortunately by friendly fire
  • The July 2015 shootings at the Armed Forces Career Center and the Navy and Marine Reserve Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee, both by the same suspect, ultimately killing five and wounding two
  • The April 2014 active shooter event at Fort Hood Army Base in Fort Hood, Texas, which left two soldiers dead and 12 more wounded
  • The March 4, 2010 incident at the Pentagon in Arlington, Virginia, that resulted in the injury of two federal law enforcement officers

While it may seem like these types of locations should be the safest in the nation, events like these remind us that no place is free from active shooter violence. That’s why governmental staff would benefit greatly from active shooter survival training.